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Dino PC launches new GTX750 based systems

As nVidia rolls out Maxwell in the house, system builders across the globe are moving fast to launch new gaming PCs based on the latest technology from Jen Hsun’s brainchild. Dino PC has just announced a new rig. KitGuru casts a reptilian eye.

Based in North London, Dino PC is unashamedly focused on affordable gaming.

While the GTX780Ti/Black Ultra-type launches capture the headlines, the vast majority of gamers in the UK will be opting for a graphic card around the £100 mark. And they want great value for money ahead of almost everything else.

Arguably the most popular card ever launched in this price zone was ATi’s 9600 from a bygone era – but that was seriously driven by the inclusion of a full copy of an expensive game.

More recently, focused purely only at the hardware on offer, the GTX550 and 650 offers from nVidia have been incredibly popular – and have each generated a significant chunk of change for Team Green.

The baton has now been passed to the first Maxwell generation card and, it seems, the market is very enthusiastic about this launch.

Speaking exclusively to KitGuru, Dino PC’s Managing Director Vladimir Kuznetzov said, “”We are very happy that nVidia has decided to focus on affordable products first with Maxwell”.

“We aim to offer great gaming at every price point, and the GTX750 from nVidia now allows us to deliver serious performance on fully-upgradeable systems that start from as little as £399“, he said.

“With the GTX750 installed on a low-cost Dino PC, you’ll be able to play every game out there at 1080p”, said Vladimir. “All our customers need to do is decide which balance point between IQ and frame rate suits them best in the driver”.


KitGuru says: Dino PC is aiming to deliver a serious amount of gaming juice around the £399 mark with nVidia’s GTX750. 

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