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Kitguru Lite – AMD’s HD6990 and silent air cooling

At Kitguru we know a portion of our audience won’t want to read 30-40 page reviews on the latest technology. With this in mind we are starting a new series of videos which demystify all the tech talk and lay out the cold hard facts. Kitguru Lite is tech without the full fat cream on top.

AMD’s HD6990 broke all records when it was released earlier this year, and it is still the world’s fastest video card. The performance of the solution is without question, however AMD’s decision to use a small fan meant that it would run hotter than we wanted, and much louder.

Earlier this month Kitguru broke the world’s first review of the stunning new Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 cooler which tore apart the AMD cooling rules and rewrote them from the ground up. With twin 120mm fans, it dropped the temperatures by 20c under load, and was whisper quiet.

It wasn’t silent however …. well not until we ripped the 120mm fans from the cooler and upgraded them to the latest 140mm XAF fans from Xigmatek. These were meant for a chassis, but believe it or not, they worked great on the Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo.

Kitguru lite presents the video overview of the modified cooling solution and be sure to check out our links  if you want to read more.

Original review is available over here and our modding article can be devoured here.

Kitguru says: You no longer have to be subjected to high noise levels and 90c temperatures. Just make the effort !

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  • Uriel

    Total cost = £700 🙂 my video card cost me £120 and its ok !

  • Ned

    Nice idea. Wish I had a HD6990, and if I had im not sure id be brave enough to take it apart for this.!

  • procupine14

    @Ned You would if you had to deal with the noise of that thing at peak operation 🙂

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  • JamesM


    Just wondered if there was any updatr from AC regarding stock in the UK. I think I may order via auction site (US) its just the polava of import duty etc..

  • Hi james, no updates unfortunately.

    If you want it quickly, import might be the only option…

  • James McDowall

    So I got in touch with Arctic Cooling myself and got a reply from their Senior Sales Manager Brice VANDEVOORDE, this is what he had to say “Dear James, Sorry for the late reply, the cooler should be distributed soon in the UK stores but due to a highier demand than expected we have been a little delayed.” so its on its way!!

  • Great, glad to hear it James. Let me know if you end up with the cooler and your views on it all 🙂