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XFX Double D pricing move under the Videoscope

You can accuse graphic companies of a lot, but never a lack of humour. When XFX rocked up with its latest technology, you could see the double entendres begin the flow. Welcome to the world of the Double D cooling technology.

Superior technology almost invariably means a bigger price.

When the chaps at XFX first unloaded their Double Ds on one of the KitGuru Lab tables, we’d expected that this kind of performance boost + decibel drop would require a wad of readies.

News just in shows that the Double Ds will be much more attractive than first thought – largely based on price. The Pro Class TV crew turns its cameras on and sets them to wide angle. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

KitGuru says: So there you have it. Your cup need no longer be filled to overflowing in order to enjoy the delights of the Double Ds. We’ll be following this story, just to make sure that there are no sudden rises. Fnar.

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  • David

    Nice price point, no longer is high res gaming for the rich 😉

  • Ian

    So much competition at this sector now, so many good cards, it gets confusing to work out which one to buy.

  • Harry F.

    nice cards. twin fan coolers are popular now from almost everyone. at last its caught on.