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AMD A4 3400 APU Review

In order to measure the temperature of the APU, the system was booted and left at idle for 5 minutes to stabilise before the idle temperature was recorded. Shortly after, Unigine Heaven benchmark was left to run its benchmark for several minutes, then the on- load temperature was recorded using HWmonitor.

Ambient temperatures were maintained at 19c.

The temperature results are below.

These temperatures are very impressive and a testament to how power efficient the A4 3400APU is.

To measure power consumption, we used a power meter on the mains supply that was attached directly to the system, excluding all other external devices. We loaded Unigine Heaven benchmark, to test the system under a ‘general load’ situation.

These results are even more impressive than the temperatures. The system demands 37 watts when idle and just over 70w at the socket under full load. To put this into perspective, the idle power consumption is less than the majority of traditional filament light bulbs; impressive stuff and potentially attractive to businesses that run a plethora of desktop machines for many hours a day.

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