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AMD A4 3400 APU Review

AMD launched their A-Series desktop platform ‘Lynx’ and their first A-series desktop APU’s in June last year. The initial line up included quad core processors, including the A8 3850/3800 and the A6 3650/3600. AMD also released a triple core version, called the A6 3500 a few months later. The latest range are called the ‘A4 APU’.

While this model isn’t aimed at an audience who enjoy gaming at the highest screen resolutions with a huge framerate, it caters to a much broader audience while demanding a very low power draw at the socket. Does it live up to the “Jack of all trades” tag?

The A4 3400 has a TDP of just 60 watts, the same power requirement as a typical traditional light bulb, which means this low-powered APU doesn’t require a particularly powerful power supply, nor does it require a huge cooling tower that you might see on some higher end processors.

This particular model would most likely be best suited to use in a home theatre PC; however,  we wouldn’t be surprised to see some businesses use this little power-saving chip within a fleet of office desktops. As it consumes so little power – they need not worry about any nasty electric bills at the end of the month.

Here are some of the official specifications by AMD:

Processor Type: AMD Dual-Core A4-Series APU for Desktops
Model AMD A4-3400 APU with Radeon HD 6410D
Part Number AD3400OJGXBOX
Socket Type FM1
Power Wattage 65w
Frequency 2700mhz
Processor L2 Cache Size 1MB
Fusion Control Hubs D2/D3 FCH
Direct X Version 11
GPU Clock Speed 600 MHz
GPU Memory 512MB

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