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Bitspower announce new CPU and GPU blocks

Custom cooling specialist, Bitspower has announced new products adding to its already extensive range. Two new designs are available including a universal CPU water block with an OLED display and a GPU water block for Nvidia RTX cards.

The Bitspower Summit M CPU water block is a follow on from the Successful Touchaqana branded Summit MS OLED CPU water block, which was released earlier this year for Intel platforms only. This time around the Summit M will support both Intel and AMD processors with interchangeable retention brackets included.

Summit M will feature the same OLED display as seen in the Summit MS which provides users with a temperature reading directly on the CPU block, taken from the integrated thermal sensor. The Bitspower Summit M is primarily constructed from a Nickel-copper base with 0.3mm fins machined into the surface to provide efficient heat exchange, coupled with Bitspower “water injection” promising a high flow of coolant over the fins for immediate cooling.

The OLED display is housed in a metal top plate with an acrylic body enabling view of the coolant inside. Additionally, there are dRGB LED’s integrated into the body which can be controlled by motherboard manufacturer software such as Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome. The Summit M uses standard G1/4” fittings for optimal compatibility.

Along with the Summit M, Bitspower has announced a new GPU water block featuring a lateral design. The appropriately named Bitspower Lateral VGA water block offers users with a solution where other GPU blocks would fail due to space restrictions. In the Lateral VGA block, fittings are situated low down at the rear to provide alternative tubing routes.

The Bitspower Lateral VGA block is constructed from a nickel-copper base providing direct contact to the GPU and VRM area, featuring an acrylic top and a Bitspower Digital RGB LED strip “that is sure to make your system looks amazing”, according to Bitspower.

Just like the Summit M, the Lateral VGA block's RGB lighting can be controlled by motherboard manufacturer software along with support for G1/4” fittings. The Bitspower Lateral VGA block is compatible with an extensive range Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Both new products are available from the Bitspower online store. The Bitspower Summit M can be purchased for TWD 4,500 (approx £115) and the Bitspower lateral VGA block is TWD 4,030 (approx £103).

KitGuru says: Bitspower has always offered consumers a great range of products with unique features, both these new additions carry on that theme. I especially like the OLED display on the new Summit M, while the Lateral VGA block provides options where space for tube routing is limited in smaller chassis.


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