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AMD Navi 23 GPU spotted in Linux OpenGL driver

Just yesterday, we learned that specifications for upcoming Radeon Navi GPUs had leaked. Now, a new Linux OpenGL driver stack might have given us more information, including the codename for another unannounced AMD GPU.  

AMD's Linux OpenGL driver stack (Mesa 20.03-devel) added support for a new GPU codenamed Dimgrey Cavefish. In the driver stack's code, it isn't clear which Navi 2x GPU is Dimgrey Cavefish, but if we cross information with the hexadecimal ranges (0x3C, 0x46) that AMD has previously provided, just like @KOMACHI_ENSAKA did, we conclude that it is the Navi 23 GPU. Doing the same with Navy Flounder hexadecimal ranges (0x32, 0x3C) suggests that Flounder is the Navi 22 GPU.

Based on the leaked specifications of the Navy Flounder GPU, the Dimgrey Cavefish GPU should be based on the RDNA2 architecture and feature less than 40 CUs and a 192-bit memory bus or less.

For now, we expect that AMD will launch at least three new Navi 2x GPUs. Compared to previous generations, AMD seems to be planning to launch wider line-up of graphics cards in a shorter time span. Nonetheless, AMD likely won't launch all of them at the same time. The latest Navi 2x GPU added to the Linux OpenGL driver was introduced three months later than the Navi 21 GPU, so following the same rule we can expect the Dimgrey Cavefish GPU in early 2021.

AMD is set to announce its next generation of graphics cards on October 28th.

KitGuru says: Do you think AMD will launch all of its Radeon RX 6000 lineup at the same time? How well do you think these new Radeon GPUs will stack up against Nvidia? 

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