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AMD Zen4/5 “extremely competitive”, RDNA3 to bring similar perf-per-watt improvements as RDNA2

Now that Zen 3 processors and Navi 2x GPUs have been released, we can expect AMD will be hard at work on the company's upcoming CPU and GPU architectures. Thankfully, AMD has provided us with some details by discussing what's coming next from Team Red.

Continuing its journey of delivering significant performance upgrades over each new generation of CPUs and GPUs, AMD's generational leap to Zen 4 and Zen 5 should come with a similar IPC improvement as the jump from Zen 2 to Zen 3.

According to Rick Bergman, as interviewed by TheStreet, Zen 4's improvements come from a “long list of things”. The executive vice president of AMD's computing and graphics group said that the gains come from multiple small upgrades that, when accumulated up, offer a significant performance boost. Additionally, Bergman stated that the 5nm process node used to power Zen 4 will also allow AMD “to [obtain] better performance per watt and so on”.

RDNA3 also seems quite promising, with AMD planning to bring the same 50% performance-per-watt increase that RDNA2 delivered last year. Bergman also mentioned AMD's DLSS equivalent, named FidelityFX Super Resolution. Right now, AMD is working with ISVs (independent software vendors) to ensure “broad platform support” without using proprietary technology. More details will be unveiled about this technology during 2021.

In different conversation between Lisa Su and Anandtech, AMD's CEO stated that the company will be “focusing on Zen 4 and Zen 5 to be extremely competitive”. Moreover, Dr. Su made clear that the teams behind Zen 4, Zen 5, and RDNA 3 are going full-throttle on the development of the new architectures.

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