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Design issue leads to tight squeeze for some 6+2pin power cables with Radeon RX 7600 reference card

A recent issue has been discovered regarding some power cables and their compatibility with the AMD Radeon RX 760 MBA graphics card. The problem specifically affects some 6+2-pin power cables, commonly included with power supplies. It has been reported that these cables may have difficulty fitting into the connector slot due to the design of the reference model.

The cause of this issue lies in the backplate cover of the graphics card, which extends too far and may obstruct a small bump on some of these power cables. This results in an improper fit and potential connectivity problems between the power connector and the GPU power plug.

Image credit: TechPowerUP

According to TechPowerUP, approximately 20% of the cables tested in their lab were affected by this problem. It has been noted by Igor'sLAB that sleeved modded cables or those equipped with Nvidia PCAT (a power measuring tool) may also encounter difficulties. Even native cables from Seasonic power supplies might be impacted.

Fortunately, this design flaw has not yet reached the market, as the affected graphics cards (reference design models) are not yet available. Moreover, AMD is aware of this issue and has released a statement (via TechPowerUP), promising a revised design that will become available in the coming weeks to avoid this issue.

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KitGuru says: It would seem that the gap in the backplate above the power connector is a touch too small, so we'll likely see this widened to avoid compatibility issues when units become available at retail.

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