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Gigabyte unveils the Aorus RTX 4090 Gaming Box

External GPU solutions are an excellent way to improve the graphics performance of a laptop. Gigabyte has already launched a few of them, but this latest solution should be a step above the rest, as it features an RTX 4090.

The Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming Box is a water-cooled external graphics solution, featuring an RTX 4090, that hooks up to a gaming laptop via a Thunderbolt 3 connection to immediately benefit from the performance gains of Nvidia's flagship desktop GPU.


The GPU is cooled using the Aorus Waterforce cooling system, offering a quiet and comfortable environment even during demanding tasks. The cooling solution addresses the GPU and its VRAM and MOSFET, guaranteeing stable operation and extended lifespan. The cooling system combines a large copper plate, a 240mm aluminium radiator, two 120mm fans, a pump, and a water block. Within the case, there's also a high-wattage power supply.

All of this comes in a desk-friendly package, making this ideal for laptop setups at home or while away. However, pricing still remains a mystery.

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KitGuru says: There are many external GPU solutions, but few pack an RTX 4090 under the hood. In addition, there's the built-in water-cooling system to consider, offering presumably better cooling capabilities than the average cooling solution found in external GPUs.

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