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Leaked slide shows Nvidia RTX 4070 specifications and pricing

Some marketing material for the Nvidia RTX 4070 announcement has seemingly leaked, confirming the majority of the latest rumours regarding the pricing and specifications of the GPU. Moreover, it shares a few other details, including the amount of L2 cache, the average gaming power, idle power, and video playback power.

The picture shared by VideoCardz confirms what we've been hearing for a while and shares other specs from the upcoming mid-range graphics card. As you can see by the picture, the RTX 4070 will be based on the AD104 GPU with 400 tensor cores (4th gen) and 87 RT cores (3rd gen). CUDA core count isn't included in the slide.

Image credit: VideoCardz

Besides the 12GB of GDDR6X memory, it looks like the RTX 4070 will also pack 36MB of L2 cache, 32MB more than the RTX 3070 Ti and non-Ti. That could compensate for the lower maximum bandwidth of the upcoming model, which is limited to 504GB/s (192-bit memory bus). TGP has been confirmed to be 200W.

Compared to its predecessors, the average gaming power was reduced to 186W, down from 215W on the RTX 3070 and 240W on the RTX 3070 Ti. Video playback power was also improved to 16W, 4W less than on the RTX 3070 series GPUs. Lastly, idle power consumption got a slight decrease to 10W.

As per the leaked slide, the RTX 4070 will release with an MSRP of $599, which matches the latest reports regarding the GPU's pricing. Nvidia is said to be launching the RTX 4070 in mid April but the company has yet to make an official announcement.

WKitGuru says: Assuming all of this information is accurate, do you think the RTX 4070 will be worth getting at MSRP, or is it too high? 

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