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macOS “Big Sur” beta drivers hint at an AMD Navi31 GPU

AMD's Big Navi GPU is expected to release later this year, but it seems that the company is already working on its successor. In the macOS 11 “Big Sur” beta, there are multiple references to AMD GPUs and APUs that haven't been released yet, including Navi 21, Navi 22, and Navi 23 GPUs, as well as the Cezanne and Van Gogh APUs. One particular reference stands out above the rest, however, and that is Navi 31.

Last week, Apple introduced the latest version of macOS, “Big Sur”, at its WWDC conference. This operating system will be Apple's first to support ARM-based processors and it should be available later this year, but some people already had access to a beta version of the new macOS.

With AMD being the main GPU provider for Apple's desktops and laptops, it's not unusual to see references to unreleased AMD products in the drivers. As per HardwareLeaks, macOS “Big Sur” isn't an exception, including multiple references to unreleased AMD products in its GPU drivers.

Besides finding references to 6 new PCI IDs, from which 5 were for Navi 22 and 1 were for Navi 23, we probably also have the first reference to the RDNA3 architecture, AKA Navi 31. Additional references found by _rogame within the GPU drivers point to the upcoming AMD MI100 and MI200 “Arcturus” graphics accelerator as well as the AMD “Cezanne” and “Van Gogh” APUs.

Some of these GPUs might be Apple-exclusive, but only time will tell if this is the case.

KitGuru says: Are you hyped about the upcoming AMD Navi GPUs? What would you like to see with the AMD RDNA3 architecture?

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