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Nvidia RTX 4090 FE looks just like the 3090 FE with bigger fans

Up until now, most rumours have suggested that the RTX 40 series Founders Edition would retain the same cooler design that we saw with the RTX 30 series. However, newly shared renders suggest the new cards will feature bigger fans, likely due to the increased power draw of the upcoming GPUs.

QbitLeaks has recently shared two renders (1, 2) showing two undisclosed RTX 40 series Founders Edition cards. A quick look at both shows the fans are slightly wider than the heatsink, hence the small cut on the grey frame of the cooler shroud.

Looking at the first render, it's unclear whether it was a leak or a user-made image. On the other hand, the second render certainly looks like leaked marketing material, as it reminds us of the banner image seen on the official product pages for the RTX 30 series cards. Moreover, this same render confirms that at least some RTX 40 series FE cards will have triple-slot coolers. Considering you can see a small part of a larger card on the left side of the screenshot, the one in the centre likely to be the RTX 4080 FE.

In addition to these two renders, QbitLeaks also shared what is claimed to be the official performance benchmarks from Nvidia, comparing two undisclosed cards. However, we're lead to believe this is not the flagship, so it's possibly is a comparison between the RTX 4080 and the RTX 3080. The leaker hasn't stated if this was RT or pure rasterization performance figures, but considering the games and apps selection, the former is the most likely.

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KitGuru says: Assuming this comparison graph is an RTX 4080 vs RTX 3080 in RT performance, it seems we have some new ray tracing hardware coming our way.

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