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RTX 4080 12GB benchmark results show performance similar to an RTX 3090 Ti

A couple of weeks ago, Nvidia officially cancelled the RTX 4080 12GB model. The 12GB version used a further cutdown GPU core, offering considerably less performance compared to the 16GB version. The gap was big enough that grouping both together as RTX 4080s seemed misleading to the consumer. While the 12GB RTX 4080 is no longer coming out, some versions of the graphics card do exist, and a new benchmark suggests it would have performed similarly to an RTX 3090 Ti. 

The benchmark results posted by user ‘panzerlied' on Chiphell (via VideoCardz) show results of the GPU running in Cyberpunk 2077 and different 3DMark benchmarks, as well as AIDA64.

Looking at the AIDA64 benchmark, the card is listed as having 60 CUs and a 2,610MHz clock speed, allowing it to reach a single-precision compute performance of 42TFLOPS. That value matches Nvidia's official spec sheet for the GPU. On GPU-Z, the card shows it can boost up to 2,820MHz with a TBP of 262W.

In 3DMark Speed Way, the RTX 4080 12GB got a graphics score of 5,382 points, performing similarly to an RTX 3090. However, on 3DMark Time Spy Extreme, the GPU was on the same level as an RTX 3090 Ti, scoring 10,794 points. Lastly, on 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, the RTX 4080 12GB got 13,042 points, putting it between the RTX 3090 and the 3090 Ti.

On Cyberpunk 2077, using the RTX overdrive mode preset at 4K, the GPU got an average FPS of 67.52FPS. However, this value doesn't mean much without knowing the rest of the PC's specs.

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KitGuru says: While the 12GB RTX 4080 is no more, chances are, Nvidia will still put this version of the GPU out on the market under a different name. 

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