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Nvidia GTX 780 Ti specs screengrabbed

Ah graphics wars, don't you love them? It's been a long time since we had a really good one as for the past few years, it's been relatively steady with both companies offering something pretty comparable to one another. Now though, we're starting to kick things into high gear with G-Sync technologies coming from Nvidia and AMD's Mantle promising potential performance improvements and it's making the choice of which company to go with for your next GPU upgrades, all the more difficult. With that in mind, there's some leaked specifications for the upcoming GTX 780 Ti card from NVidia and it looks to bridge the gap between the standard 780 and its Titan cousin.

This isn't official, so take it with a pinch of tech-salt, but have a look at this:


This comes out of ChipHell and gives us a pretty comprehensive look at the 780 Ti and suggests that it should be faster even than Nvidia's monstrous Titan card, which has been stomping around the world record scene for the past eight months.

Breaking it down, the GPUZ screengrab and accompanying info shows us that it has:

  • Same die size and process as the Titan and 780
  • An increase in shader count over the 780: 2,496 vs 2,304 – though still less than the Titan's 2,688
  • Nearly 10 per cent more texture units than the standard 780, with 208
  • Stock GPU clocks are higher too. 902MHz on the core vs 780's standard of 863
  • Memory clocks remain the same, as does the amount of it and the bus width

These improvements, increase performance to Titan levels and possibly even a little beyond that. Considering the price is likely to be far more competitive than the near £1,000 graphics solution, the GTX 780 Ti will be a much more attractive upgrade option for those looking to drop a few hundred on a sizeable upgrade before Christmas.

KitGuru Says: Even for someone with a history in the hardware review game, cards like this are still too rich for my blood – and bank balance – but does this perk up the ears of any potential hardware buyers leading up to Christmas? Fancy treating yourself to a Titan killer? 

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