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Sonic All Stars Racing and Sonic 2 coming to mobile

Sega is pushing forward into the mobile gaming space soon with a remastered version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed and Demon Tribe.

IOS has had a version of Sonic 2 since 2010 but it doesn't support wide-screen or retina displays, so owners of the older version will get a free update to the remastered game; this will be Sonic 2's first time on Android though. It's now set for release next month, at $2.99.

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed came out last year on multiple platforms and now it is also coming to Android and IOS this winter with a new world tour mode designed for on the go gaming. It will also support up to 4 player online and local multiplayer.


The last game on the list is Demon Tribe, a collectible trading card game that was originally announced back in 2012. It features a battle arena for multiplayer and RPG elements. Demon Tribe will also come out this winter but only for IOS.

As far as release dates go, we only know that Sonic 2 will arrive next month, wheras All Stars Racing and Demon Tribe will both come out this Winter at an unknown price.

KitGuru Says: The biggest surprise out of these is Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. I got the game on sale earlier this year and it still feels fun to play every now and then. It'll be interesting to see how much of the original game gets carried over to the mobile version. 

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