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AMD ship over a million Fusion chips already

At the Distree XXL conference in Monaco, AMD have been chatting with KitGuru and they told us that they have shipped over a million Fusion chips already.

While this is a positive number for AMD to be quoting at such an early stage, it all boils down whether AMD will be able to maximise their sales with the recent Intel Cougar Point issue. The money from Fusion earns them a decent profit, as for every Brazos distribution sale at $100 they can sell it on at a $10 margin, which works out pretty close to the Atom figures we were given last year.

Word of mouth however at the Distree XXL conference hints that partner confidence is lacking a little, with AMD accused of having no strategy at all to capitalise on Intel’s Sandybridge mess.

KitGuru says: Are you interested in Fusion? Do you even know what it is? Check out KitGuru’s initial coverage over here.

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  • ET

    All I can say is “fuck the recaptcha”. I hate that thing so badly I’m about to burn my monitor just so I won’t have to see it any more.

    So to sum up the post that was lost, this is old news (1.3 million reported on the 22nd of January). Strange that AMD can’t quote a higher figure by now. Even stranger that it can’t get units into reviewers hands.

  • Joseph

    You always sound angry ET. maybe a little back rub would help.

    Might be old news, but I hadnt heard this before. then again its fusion, im surprised anyone knows anything about it with AMD’s generally marketing failure.

  • Ned

    Yeah, dont really think this is such a good deal. id rather get a reference card for £20 less, and oc it myself.

  • ET

    Sorry, Joseph. Generally I’m just impatient and annoyed, but the captcha makes me angry. 🙂

    In real life I’m generally more laid back and patient, but I tend to respond to news items mainly when there’s something I disagree with or feel is not right, and I guess I should watch how I come across. (And remember to copy the post’s text just in case it’s erased.)

  • ET

    BTW, forgot to thank you for the comment about me. I really don’t want to come across as being angry all the time.

  • Andy

    I guess AMD didn’t have to sort out their fusion marketing like you proclaimed last week

  • Raymond

    Not really, thats ‘shipped’. Not sold to the customer.