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Aria kicks off massive AMD Never Settle Forever campaign

In the coming weeks, we will be speaking with some senior folks from both AMD and nVidia about the benefits of running major campaigns for game giveaways. One thing is for sure, no matter whether you bought a graphic card or not, it would have been hard to miss ‘Never Settle’ and ‘Never Settle Reloaded’. KitGuru grabs its joystick and prepares for a new wave of excitement.

In preparation for its whole ‘We now touch every game, everywhere, because they all have to speak with the console guys’ kick off, AMD has just deployed the 3rd in its successful line of game-packaging promos.

The premise is simple enough: The more you buy of a product, the cheaper it gets, and the game developers need to find new ways to offset the huge costs associated with creating next-gen gaming action.

AMD has money, the developers and publishers want it, so a benefit arrives with the consumer (you) in the form of bundled games.

In store, at launch, these titles are often what is referred to as ‘Triple-A’.   In other words, they are games that will be near the top of the sales charts in most countries. Buy them in your local shop on the day they come out and you could be handing over something like £40 (€45 or $50).

AMD does a deal for a TON of game codes and then bundles them with Radeon HD graphic cards, through their board partners like Sapphire, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, VTX3D and do on.

With Never Settle (NS) and the follow up campaign Never Settle Reloaded (NSR), there was a little confusion about who got which game bundle with which card, but the Never Settle Forever (NSF) campaign that Aria is pushing has a neat little Bronze, Silver and Gold graphic to make it all much clearer:-

Cool new games and you can choose which ones and - to an extent - how many you get. What's not to like?
Cool new games and you can choose which ones and – to an extent – how many you get. What’s not to like?

KitGuru says: Buying a new card for £100-400 is going to make you happy. Actually having a fistful of new games to play on it will make you tingling all over. Whatever the specifics of the ‘win’ for AMD, there’s little doubt that these campaigns make buying a graphic card more fun/useful.

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