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AMD releases the Radeon Pro VII workstation graphics card

AMD has unveiled its latest workstation graphics, the Radeon Pro VII. Designed for broadcast and engineering professionals, the Radeon Pro VII is capable of “delivering exceptional graphics and computational performance” while offering a number of unique features. The Radeon Pro VII was created to power broadcast and media projects, computer-aided engineering …

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Asus R9 390X STRIX DC3 OC 8GB Review

AMD released the R9 390X GPU three months ago and the custom-cooled board partner offerings are available in strength. Today we are taking a look at Asus' STRIX DC3 OC version of the R9 390X which utilises the company's triple-fan DirectCU III cooler and an automated production process. Asus' approach …

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PowerColor peppers the market with new, X2 multi-GPU

“So what do you call a pair of PowerColor multi-GPU cards stacked end to end?”, sounds like the beginning of a rather geeky joke. To which the punchline must be ‘Bloody long'. But there's a more serious aspect to this comedia intro, as we found out in the graphics giant's …

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Cut price GTX470 already appearing on sites

As we reported yesterday, nVidia is prepared to pull out all the stops to re-take market share from AMD in the tough graphics market. Information KitGuru heard about the latest round of price cuts was that the GTX470 could be cut by over 21%. Searching the big sites today, we …

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