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AMD releases the Radeon Pro VII workstation graphics card

AMD has unveiled its latest workstation graphics, the Radeon Pro VII. Designed for broadcast and engineering professionals, the Radeon Pro VII is capable of “delivering exceptional graphics and computational performance” while offering a number of unique features.

The Radeon Pro VII was created to power broadcast and media projects, computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulations and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The 16GB of HBM2 video memory with ECC support, 3840 stream processors, 4096-bit memory interface and 1TB/s of memory bandwidth results in 26% faster 8K image processing performance in DaVinci Resolve than an Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000, and almost 6 times the FP64 performance-per-dollar ratio compared with an Nvidia Quadro GP100, when using Altair's EDEM “Screw Auger” viewset.

Other notable specs include 6.5TFlops of double-precision (FP64) performance and 13.1TFlops of single-precision performance (FP32).

The new AMD Infinity Fabric Link is AMD's latest graphics card bridging technology, which is being introduced to the market with the Radeon Pro VII. This technology allows you to bridge two Radeon Pro VII graphics card to further boost your system by speeding up “application data throughput by enabling high-speed GPU-to-GPU communications”, achieving a “communication speed” of up to 168GB/s between GPUs.

There are 6x Mini DP 1.4 ports available, allowing the Radeon Pro VII to synchronise up to 6 displays with full HDR. It also supports 8K resolution on a single display.

In other news, the AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise driver is available now and delivers up to 14% “year-over-year performance improvement” for the current-gen Radeon Pro workstation graphics cards. AMD has also updated the AMD Radeon ProRender, a physically-based rendering engine, with new and updated plugins for Autodesk Mya, Blender, Unreal Engine, and SideFx Houdini.

The AMD Radeon Pro VII will be available in mid-June, priced at $1899. Workstations equipped with this graphics card are expected in H2 2020. The bridge connection will be available for $199. You can learn more about AMD's graphics card HERE.

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