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Even nVidia are excited about HD6990

The most heated online debates are generally based around the graphics sector, with Nvidia and AMD fanboys extolling the virtues of their favourite hardware.

While often the focus will be on the ‘out of hand’ discussions, sometimes they can be intelligent and interesting to read. Not every fan of a company has to have a completely closed mind after all.

We received an interesting picture from Cebit, which showed the nVidia team in a very positive light – when approached with a HD6990, they were more than happy to pose with the card on camera. We should say that the card is not a KitGuru review sample, at this stage, our hardware was in the United Kingdom labs under heavy analysis.

nVidia folk smiling while showing off the new HD6990 high end board from AMD. Surely an indication that spirits are high and that competition is a good thing.

Nvidia have every right to smile, their hardware recently has been absolutely fantastic, from the stunning GTX460 series which won multiple gold awards at Kitguru, to the GTX580 and GTX560 which also claimed our top awards. Nvidia will have a new goalpost to hit over the coming days when the HD6990 performance figures are released to the world. We are confident the battle for frame rate supremacy will continue throughout 2011.

KitGuru says: We think it is always a cool thing to see company executives able to have a smile and get involved in the ‘spirit of competition’.

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  • Thomas

    Id say both companies get on well behind closed doors. there has to be a certain level of respect.

  • John

    Ha, thats very cool 🙂 good fun.

  • Or is it sarcasm?

  • hurr

    What sorcery is this

  • John

    “KITGURU” You can get fooled this easy? Moron’s cant u even realize that this photo is modded? Your’s the worst forum i have ever seen…..

  • Its not a forum, its a front page news post.

  • faith

    We can guarantee that no photos were chopped in the making of this story 🙂