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More GTX570 cards spotted in the wild: PNY coming thick and fast

Earlier today, KitGuru broke the story that nVidia’s latest GTX570 card was now showing as available to order in the UK. Looks like the dams burst and more are following.

Pricing looks to be very competitive. The second vendor we’ve spotted with the live link is LamdaTek.

This time is the the good folks at PNY who have pushed the card forward for purchase.

GTX570 cards will be appearing almost everywhere soon enough

While not renown for major sales to enthusiasts, PNY has been one of the more successful nVidia partners over the years. Specifically because they have the lucrative Quadro business, alongside other products like 3rd party manufacture of memory sticks for HP etc.

May not have been first - but it seems that PNY's UK partners have tried to get to market quick, and with aggressive pricing

Anyway, there you have it, at just £295.50 plus whatever delivery charge is levelled, you can have a PNY GTX570.

Spec is remarkably similar to the YOYOTech offer, which leads us to believe that initial batches will be re-badged reference cards.

KitGuru says: Let the price wars begin for GTX570!

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