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GTX570 launches in the UK at £299

With KitGuru and the other major sites all reporting the full specification etc for the GTX570 last week, everyone has been wondering how long we would have to wait until the product launches. Apparently, no time. It's happened.

KitGuru has more spiders crawling the web for hints and gossip than a Fermi has CUDA cores. Often you can spend days trawling through effluent, but every now and then you do pick up a juicy nugget. Google has just flagged the GTX570 for sale in the UK and the price is lower than we had anticipated.

While the launch seems real enough, we're not sure about the image chopped from the stores web site page. Looks pretty generic to us.

When we reported on the ‘Palit pre-launch global information update‘ last week, we honestly thought it would be another week before the card showed up for sale.

We know that the new GTX570 trots along with the core at 732MHz and the 480 CUDA cores at a shader clock of 1.4GHz. What we didn't know for sure was the price.

As usual, KitGuru put a flag in the ground and guessed that it would be around £299 including VAT in the UK. Looks as though we were right.

Choosing the £299 space is a smart move by nVidia, because it allows the GTX570 to be £100 cheaper than the GTX580 at £399, while still being over £100 more than the GTX470 at around £180.

When you line the products up like that, it almost makes them seem like a family.   Gosh, isn't that all sweet & Christmassy.

Scoring two firsts in a row, it's local UK vendor YOYOTech that has put the GTX570 up for sale first. You might remember that they were also first with the GTX580 launch. You need to let the home page pics rotate through.

Price looks set to rise at the start of January when UK VAT climbs to a whopping 20%

No matter who you order with (or when), it's good to know what the final specifications and pricing will be. This will help all of you make better buying decisions, and that has to be a good thing, right?

Nick ‘BoomerDJ' Stam has already gone on record to say that GTX570 processes the pixels right, so now it's just time for a KitGuru reader value judgement.

KitGuru says: The thing we like most is that the new card will run neck and neck with the GTX480 on performance, while using 10% less power. That shows how much better nVidia's second run at Fermi has been. With AMD's 6900 series due out any day now as well. One thing that enthusiasts won't be short of this Christmas is choice. You've never had it so good!

Has nVidia got the price right? Let us know below or comment in full on the KitGuru forums.

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