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ASRock Vision 3D System Review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru has reviewed many pre built systems in recent months and we have made sure to cover all market sectors from extreme high end gaming to more modest HTPC creations. What if you want a media and gaming system capable of handling everything you throw at it while still maintaining the smallest possible footprint?

Today we might have the answer to that – the ASRock Vision 3D system which looks very attractive, both on paper and in the flesh. It comprises a fast 2.4ghz Intel Core i3 processor, Bluray Drive, 4GB of DDR3 memory and nVidia GT 425M graphics with full support for HDMI 1.4a output. The end user gets system wide hardware acceleration and 3D support for both Blu Ray and Nvidia 3d Vision gaming.

This certainly appears to be a system that could easily replace a full ATX sized desktop and by the end of this review you will be better equipped to tell if this system is exactly what you need.

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  • Tim

    Damn, thats a mega detailed review Zardon. that system looks great. very mac mini like though? no ?

  • Raymond

    Lordy, I used to think ASROCK were a mickey mouse motherboard maker, but their recent range of products is fucking good.

  • Josh

    690 seems good, but by the time you get a monitor, OS and keyboard/mouse etc. its well over a grand.

  • Terry

    Hey, its like a Mac Mini, but a powerful one worth buying. awesome job ASRock. never thought id say ‘mac mini’ and ‘worth buying’ in the same sentence.

    Shame they didnt include a 128GB SSD, even if it cost 100 quid more. those drives really kill systems like this.

  • Kalish

    How did you get inside, the button at the back? thats cool, but does it all just lift out? are is it bolted in.

  • Francis

    Brilliant, love it. someone said earlier it looks like a mac mini and damn its almost a copyright infringement ! This is a good job, gets a bit hot though doesnt it ?

  • Jahid Rayhamid

    We can get no ASrock components here, which sucks 🙁 they need better distribution.

  • Ned

    by far the best review of this product on the net. awesome product too.

  • Mark

    I think the black version looks nicer than the silver. thats too apple aluminum for me im afraid.

    Review is a little indepth for me, but I picked out the bits I wanted, and im well impressed.

  • The Red Devil

    ASRock are making a name for themselves recently. Still got a long way to go before id buy one of their motherboards, but they seem to have this media market sector wrapped up.

  • george

    If you can, please test the GeForce 425M with HQV HD v 2.0.

  • yan

    Sata+power cables are provided for a second HDD, to be mounted under 1st HDD it seems.
    Could you confirm it’s possible and temperature stay safe (2nd HDD will probably be very close to GPU heatpipe after assembly).

    No review have clarified/tested this point so far… and for a HTPC, 2.5″ HDD capacity remains a problem, especially for one dedicated to HD contents…

    So, if a 2nd HDD is impossible that’s a deal breaker for me…