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GTX570 prices set to rise as South London firm pushes for £335?

While the main players look to be settling at just under the £300 mark, it seems that some folks believe that demand for the GTX570 might push the price up. One store in South London seems to be optimistic. KitGuru investigates.

Since 1999, CD-Writer have been supplying exactly what you would expect, production systems and ancillary products for the ROM industry.

However, operating from a large business park in Greenwich, South London, they also seem to have a components business.

Convenient if you live south of the river

While searching to see who else might have GTX570 cards on sale, we came across their site and their pricing.

Looks like the CD-Writer team are expecting a rush on GTX570.

To ensure they make a solid profit on the few cards they sell, the price seems to have been set at £335.

Will nVidia's GTX570 prove popular enough to carry a £335 price tag?

In contrast, UK reseller Insight seems to have split the price points by going live at £314, as you can see here.

Not sure there are going to be any winning scores above £300.

KitGuru says: When a product launches, you can push for volume sales like YOYOTech and Lambdatek or look to boost your earnings like CD-Writer. What’s important is that they have what you actually need.

Would you pay as much as £335 for a GTX570? Comments below or in the KitGuru forum.

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