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MSI and Aria now attack GTX660 pricing

It has been a hectic few days since the EVGA move to bring GTX580 cards to market for just £137 at the end of last week. Things got really heated yesterday afternoon when it seemed at one stage that price cuts were coming every half hour. KitGuru checks the latest deal to land in our inbox.

It was only a matter of time.

Looking at the channel, there seems to be a concerted effort from nVidia to clear the path for new models. The GTX700 series wants the playground to itself, so uncle Jen Hsun has motivated his sales teams to make sure all of the older models are cleared out of the way.

When the GTX680 dropped down to just £287 yesterday afternoon (after we previously wrote that it had dropped in the morning from £419 to £330), we knew things were getting serious.

Now we’re starting to see deals on mainstream parts like the GTX660.

The one that grabbed our attention this morning is on an MSI GTX 660 OC edition which is now down from £155 to £137.

Significantly, it drops the GTX660 into a space underneath the equivalent 2GB Radeon HD 7850 on most stores.

The GTX hits just keep on coming, but - from what we've heard - most deals won't be repeated once they have sold out.
The GTX hits just keep on coming, but – from what we’ve heard – most deals won’t be repeated once they have sold out. They seem to be specifically targeted at clearing the channel for GTX700.


KitGuru says: While we can all speculate as to why nVidia has been pushing through these cuts, one thing is certain: If you’re an nVidia fan and wanted a ‘champagne’ graphics card on ‘lemonade’ money – then you’re in luck.

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