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MSI N460GTX Hawk – triple overvoltage support for 1GHZ+

MSI have been releasing some brilliant products in 2010 and KitGuru was first to review many of them. Today they have announced the new N460GTX Hawk which comes with Triple Overvoltage function which supports adjustments for core voltage, memory voltage and PLL voltage – which allows overclockers to exceed 1GHZ on air.

The design tradition of the Hawk series continues on the GTX460 GPU including a 7+1 power design, V-Check Points, Active Phase Switching (APS), the Twin Frozr II dual fan thermal design and military class components. The N460GTX Hawk delivers unrivalled performance in thermal solution, power supply, stability and noise reduction.

World’s First Triple Overvoltage Function
MSI’s N460GTX Hawk is the world’s first graphics card to feature Triple Overvoltage Support. When used with MSI’s exclusive overclocking utility Afterburner, users can adjust the voltage of the GPU, the memory and the PLL. When compared to products of the same level from other manufacturers, the N460GTX Hawk offers superior overclocking potential. It is the world’s first GTX 460 graphic card to successfully reach the 1GHz* barrier when overclocking on air-cooling. Apart from triple overvoltage functions, V-Check Points allows users to measure voltage on the graphic card with just a multi-meter in order to capture various data in an overclocking session, thus making overclocking simpler.

7+1 PWM power design and APS technology
When compared to the 4+1 PWM design on the reference card, which only supplies power up to 90A in graphic cards at the same level, 7+1 PWM design of the N460GTX Hawk not only supplies power up to 120A for the GPU to enhance GPU stability and performance in overclocking session, APS technology can automatically save the power consumption according to the GPU’s workload.

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