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Who is number one for nVidia? EVGA might know

While the rest of the world is presented with a harmonious view of AMD and nVidia partners, the reality is that every day is a battle royale – not only with the opposition, but also among the players within each camp to see who's top dog. The natural contenders should be MSI, Gigabyte and Asus – simply because they have the wider product range – but that's not always the case. KitGuru heads down to some garages in Brixton to see who's barking.

Having made a name for himself in both the magazine and performance graphics markets with Future and Gainward respectively, Lee Rossiter is an old hand at the technology market. In the aftermath of the whole Tismer/Han/Perng fiasco – EVGA has spent time rebuilding. That doesn't include losing valuable engineers to Sapphire.

Now, it seems that EVGA is ready to make a bold claim – to be ‘Number one for nVidia in the UK'.

If true, that would put them ahead of MSI and Asus. Which would be remarkable.

Key to that success, would be the appointment of Lee Rossiter. Now, it seems, he has done such a great job with local customers – that he is being handed the whole of Northern Europe, to see if his work in the UK can be repeated.

Graphics runs in his family. Cos Lee's wife is a 3D genius as well, apparently.

KitGuru says: With the market for graphics shrinking all the time, there must be enormous pressure on companies with a ‘single vendor, single product line up' strategy. Lee's move to a bigger, European role means that there will be a new seat opening up for a new EVGA UK Country Manager. Which VIP will be selected to fill this seat? We'll let you know what we've Ben hearing soon enough.

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