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Zotac’s Carsten Berger, king of fast food EPOS

Interesting news has reach our shores from the Distree trade event over in Monte Carlo. One of our associates was deep in conversation with Zotac marketing guru and Johnny Depp look-a-like, Carsten Berger, when he asked about how sales of the Z-Box micro PC were going. The answer was enough to make him choke on his freshly poured cup of Joe.

Person walks into a store and buys a £200 PC. Next day, another customer does the same. Maybe you have 5 of these people a day, all buying the same thing – and the store is now selling around 100 units a month. If you have 10 of these stores across the land, then that’s 1,000 PC sales a month.

Pretty decent.

Let’s imagine that you have the same operation in at least 5 countries and your sales are sustained, at this kind of level, for almost one year. The demand you place on your factory and suppliers could be around 65,000 units. Very impressive. Congratulations, you have a working business.

According to Carsten, Burger King USA has decided to roll out Zotac Z-Box PC to 65,000 till points across the country – bringing the entire organisation into the 21st century overnight.

Carsten Berger with a recent example of a Burger King promotional campaign

Not resting on their laurels, the company has even more of these Z-Box wonders waiting in the wings.

The new Z-Boxes will feature more advanced processors and deliver even more power to the home/business user who believes that PCs should be used and not seen.

Preparing for his new role as an international marketing guru, Johnny Depp is seen here 'getting into character' with Zotac's Christian Czupalla and Jean Francois Ponce outside the famous Fairmont hotel in Monte Carlo

KitGuru says: Being a major supplier of graphics cards to Acer has served Zotac well in the past, maybe helping to serve the kind of burgers, globally, will give Zotac a solid financial boost going forward. Certainly, as a case study, being the IT king of Burger King will be hard for some Scots to ignore.

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