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In-car POV loving for kids on show at Distree

We all love kids. Especially when they are someone else's and they leave while still entertaining/charming/cute – so the parents can do all the hard work of actually raising them. nVidia Partner, Point of View, has been showing off a neat in-car entertainment pack at Distree in Monte Carlo. KitGuru plugs in, sits back and relaxes.

Due for launch before the summer, Point of View is looking to build on the relative success of its tablet business, by offering parents a new way to prevent sibling war breaking out on the back seats during any ride longer than 10 minutes.

The company's solution was presented to a KitGuru associate at the major international trade fair, Distree, which takes place under horrific circumstances [Yeah. Sure. That's what we hear – Ed] every year down in Monte Carlo.

Angelo Boscheri, despite the Latin-sounding name, is very definitely Dutch. His prototype packaging says it all really. Alongside a Point of View tablet PC, the bundle will contain a bracket – so your little ones won't have to hold the tablet while watching/playing. It also comes with a charger, so you can get to the end of any film you have downloaded from a torrent and converted for use [You mean ‘bought legitimately in a store, right? – Ed].

The fourth item in the box is a really cool device, which takes a SIM and them allows you to create a Wi-Fi network in your car – with full interwibble connectivity. Buying this from someone like ‘3' in the UK, will set you back around £100 (depending on your data option).

If you decide to have a second child and want that sprog to be equally entertained, then there will be a cheaper bundle without the Wi-Fi device (cos you already have one in the first box, right?).

Any parent will tell you that having streamed movie content available to kids in a car is a god send

KitGuru says: Success for this product will come down to price and availability. Angelo and his team are looking to nail a strong retail partner to bring this package to market in time for summer. We wish him luck.

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