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AFOX introduces “the world’s most powerful single-slot graphics card”

Leading graphics card manufacturer, AFOX, has introduced its single-slot HD 7850 claiming it to be “the world’s most powerful single-slot graphics card”.

First pictured back in March at CeBIT 2012, the AF7850 continues AFOX’s trend of releasing powerful cards based on the company’s slim-concept (single-slot) design. A reference-clocked AMD HD 7850 GPU forms the heart of AFOX’s AF7850. The card operates with a GPU clock speed of 860MHz, utilises 64 texture units and features 2GB of memory on a 256-bit interface which is clocked at 1200MHz (4.8 Gbps GDDR5).

Aimed at gamers and enthusiasts with space-constraints, the single-slot AF7850 offers high-end gaming performance in a non-intrusive form factor. Users need not worry about expansion slots being blocked in their small-form-factor case, this single-slot HD 7850 extends no further than the slot in which its PCI-E 3.0 connector is positioned.

Featuring all of the HD 7850’s standard goodies such as Eyefinity and DirectX 11.1 support, a PCI Express 3.0 x16 bus interface and AMD’s power-saving technologies, the AF7850 could prove itself as an aggressive contender in the HTPC market.

The ability to pack excellent high-resolution gaming performance into a single-slot design is the biggest highlight of AFOX’s AF7850. Moderate load temperatures which push into the low 70s and decent acoustic output levels show that AFOX hasn’t sacrificed the cooler’s performance in favour of its single-slot design.

You can gauge the performance of AFOX’s AF7850 graphics card by checking out our review of the HD 7850 here.

KitGuru says: Effective gaming performance packed into a single-slot design.

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