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AMD fills out Radeon Pro line-up with new W7600 and W7500 graphics cards

Earlier this year, AMD launched its most powerful Radeon PRO GPU yet, the W7900, as well as the W7800. Now, AMD is filling out its line-up with more affordable options, including the new Radeon Pro W7600 and the Radeon Pro W7500 workstation graphics cards. 

Both of these new graphics cards are designed to tackle mainstream workloads across a range of professional industries, including Media & Entertainment, Design & Manufacturing, Engineering & Construction and Architecture.

Built using RDNA 3 technology, these GPUs are fit for everything from rendering raytraced scenes to more data-intensive tasks. The RDNA 3 architecture packs hardware for Ray-tracing and AI acceleration, as well as Infinity Cache, which can further aid in professional tasks. When it comes to AI, RDNA 3 brings a particularly big boost compared to the previous generation, delivering twice as much performance.

According to AMD, the W7500 can offer 12TFLOPS of FP32 single precision compute performance, while the W7600 is capable of 20TFLOPS. In the table below, you can see the full spec sheet, as well as a comparison to the previous-gen W6600 GPU:

The AMD Radeon PRO W7600 and W7500 graphics cards will be available starting in Q3, priced at $599 and $429 respectively. Both GPUs will be included in OEM workstations and SI systems later this year.

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