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AMD Greenland/Vega 10 GPU to have 4096 Stream Processors

Right now, AMD is working on a new flagship graphics card currently believed to either be codenamed Greenland or Vega 10. This new GPU will be taking over from the Fury at some point so any news surrounding it is quite exciting and this last week, we learned some interesting things about the card's specification.

The team over at 3DCenter noticed that according to the LinkedIn profile of Yu Zheng, a research and development manager at AMD, the company is currently working on its new flagship GPU, which will have a full capacity of 4096 Stream Processors.


The FuryX also has 4096 Stream Processors, but the upgrade to 14nm FinFET coupled with the improvements of the Graphics Core Next 4.0 architecture, we should see a boost in performance per stream processor. That particular piece of information is actually according to AMD's official slides on GCN 4.0 (via: Videocardz), which should also improve shader efficiency.

The Greenland/Vega project is also tied to AMD's SoC V15 architecture, which could suggest that some future AMD APUs could feature similar graphics technology.

KitGuru Says: It is always exciting to hear more about future flagship graphics cards. Are any of you currently holding out for new GPUs from AMD or Nvidia? 

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