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AMD’s most powerful Radeon PRO GPUs to date are officially available

Back in April, AMD announced its latest workstation flagships – the Navi 31-based W7900 and W7800 graphics cards. Now just over a month later, both cards are now officially available, with prices starting at $2,499.

The W7900 is a powerhouse, packing 96 CUs and 48GB of GDDR6 ECC memory across a 384-bit memory bus for a maximum bandwidth of 864 GB/s. This allows it to offer up to 61 TFLOPS of single precision performance on a 295W TBP. The W7800, on the other hand, has 70 CUs and 32GB of GDDR6 ECC RAM on a 256-bit memory bus, offering a maximum bandwidth of 576 GB/s. Peak single-precision compute performance is 45 TFLOPs, and TBP is 260W.

Both cards utilise the new RDNA 3 architecture, with compute units that share resources between rendering, AI and ray-tracing to offer significantly improved performance per CU compared to the previous generation. According to AMD, the new AI and RT acceleration hardware can provide 2X more performance compared to RDNA 2.

With up to 48GB of GDDR6 memory, professionals will have plenty to work with when working with large 3D models, environments, large editing tasks and other intense workloads. AMD has also been hard at work on the software side, validating a number of professional apps that can utilise the AMD Radeon PRO GPUs to their fullest. You can find that full list of applications, HERE.

The AMD Radeon PRO W7900 and Radeon PRO W7800 graphics cards are available today beginning at an SEP of $3,999 and $2,499 USD respectively

KitGuru Says: On the consumer side, AMD launched the RX 7600 this week. Now, our attention turns to Computex 2023, which kicks off next week and will bring forth plenty of new announcements from companies all across the tech world.

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