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ASUS launches GeForce ‘Trade Up’ program for GPU upgrades

Enthusiasts looking to upgrade their GPU each generation will be used to putting their cards on the second-hand market to help fund the upgrade. Asus is looking to make the process a bit easier here in the UK with a new ROG Trade Up program, which will be running for the next few months.

The ‘Trade Up Your Graphics’ program will give Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU owners a cash rebate of up to £270 when trading in their old ASUS TUF Gaming, Dual, Turbo, Phoenix or ROG series GPU. The rebate is only redeemable with the purchase of a new ASUS graphics card, but you are able to trade in any other branded GeForce card. So if you have a Founder’s Edition GTX 1080Ti and would like to trade up to a custom ROG Strix RTX 2080Ti, then that can be arranged.

All GPU models are rated against a three-tier list of products to determine how large the rebate will be. The GPU you are trading in and the GPU you are looking to upgrade to will combine to determine how much of a rebate you receive. The lowest amount is £35 but rebates range all of the way up to £270.

A GTX 1080Ti is listed under the ‘best’ category, so if you were trading in a GTX 1080Ti to upgrade to an RTX 2080Ti ROG Strix, then you would get the full £270.

Currently, this program is running from the 1st of July through until the 31st of August. If it ends up being successful, then perhaps we will see it return for a longer period of time but for now, it is a limited-time only offer. You can find the full details and terms and conditions on ASUS’s trade up site, HERE.

KitGuru Says: This seems like a pretty good deal to those looking to upgrade, although I would like to see something like this stick around for the long-term, similar to EVGA’s trade-up program. Are any of you looking to upgrade your graphics card this year? Is there anything in particular you are looking to jump to?

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