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Latest MSI Afterburner update improves Vega overclocking and hints at GTX 1070Ti

Over the last month, we have been hearing an increasing number of rumours surrounding a new Nvidia graphics card. It seems that a GTX 1070Ti is on the way, this time around it wasn’t just an anonymous source name dropping the card though, instead it appeared in the MSI Afterburner changelog. Beyond that, the latest Afterburner update also has some good news for RX Vega owners.

The latest beta version of MSI Afterburner adds low-level support for AMD’s Vega 10 GPUs, meaning Afterburner can now access the GPU directly without going through AMD’s API. This allows Vega users greater control over voltages and more accurate hardware monitoring.

The changelog on Guru3D has since been edited to remove this line, but as Videocardz reports, originally, this version of Afterburner also listed the following change: “Added core voltage control for reference design NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti series graphics cards”.

Previous rumours have claimed that Nvidia will be launching the GTX 1070Ti towards the end of this month. If that is true, then we will likely see/hear more over the next few weeks.

KitGuru Says: More signs are pointing towards a GTX 1070Ti. I’m still a bit confused as to why a 1070Ti is even necessary but hopefully that can be explained in a few weeks time. That said, we still have no real confirmation on this card just yet, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

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