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Nvidia and AMD release driver updates for VR and more

The Oculus Rift officially launched today with the first pre-orderers finally receiving their units so, in order to ensure that buyers are getting the best experience they can on their gaming rigs, Nvidia and AMD have both released new driver updates today aimed to optimize the day one experience for Rift owners.


We will start off with AMD which released Radeon Software Crimson 16.3.2, which includes support for the Oculus Rift SDK v1.3 as well as the Radeon Pro Duo graphics card, making this the most stable and optimized VR driver from AMD to date. On top of that, this new driver packs in support for LiquidVR technology, which provides developers with the tools to better utilise the GCN architecture for VR. Some improvements have also been made to Hitman PC performance.


On the Nvidia side, we are getting GeForce driver 364.72, which is a Game Ready driver for the Oculus Rift with enhancements for games like Eve Valkyrie and Chrono. However, that isn't the only focus, this driver also contains specific optimizations for upcoming games Quantum Break, Killer Instinct, Dark Souls III and Paragon.

Nvidia's driver is already live and available through the GeForce Experience while AMD's new driver can be downloaded from their website, HERE.

KitGuru Says: Two big driver releases today from both AMD and Nvidia. Have any of you guys updated your drivers yet? Is everything running fine? 

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