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Nvidia GTX 1080 event reportedly taking place this Friday

While EA will be using this Friday to hold the public announcement of Battlefield 5, Nvidia will be holding a more secretive event. Last week, we heard that Nvidia was reportedly planning an ‘Editor’s Day’ for this week, at which the company would show off its GTX 980 and GTX 970 replacements to the press and now it looks like that event will be taking place on the 6th of May.

While EA’s Battlefield event is rumoured to be taking place on the same day as EA’s Battlefield announcement, there is no definitive link between the two events.


According to a report from VRWorld, this end of week event will see the paper launch of the GP104 Pascal GPU, which will be used on the GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and perhaps even a GTX 1060 Ti, which we heard whispers about over the weekend.

We don’t have an exact date for the public reveal of these new GPUs from Nvidia but it is estimated to happen before the end of May. Then, retail availability will follow on a bit later.

KitGuru Says: Nvidia’s new Pascal GPUs are reportedly set to arrive pretty soon. Are any of you planning on upgrading? Even if you don’t make the jump to the latest generation, the release of new cards will likely bring price drops on the current Maxwell line-up. 

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  • G7r9T3

    Paper launch it seems. Let’s see when they are to arrive on shelves, their performance and their price in order to be sure if they are what everyone is waiting for after almost 4 years in the same 28nm architecture…

  • Pascal is 16nm whereas Polaris is 14nm, that will be an interesting show between the 2. I’m waiting to see the test bench between the 2.

  • Piiilabyte III

    So why are they discontinuing the 980 Ti when there seems to be no replacement for it? According to this article, only the 980 and 970 are getting replaced.

  • Gary ‘Gazza’ Keen

    Question is, do we buy the GTX 1080 or hold out for the Ti in the hopes that that version will have HBM2?

  • Anxiously awaiting my invitation in the mail.

  • Villz

    Polaris will be smaller and cheaper. Better FP$ too.
    Polaris 10 cut (480 nonx) appears to be a 390x killer with potential for OC.
    Full Polaris 10 could be a decent small upgrade for any1 wanting 14nm fury x performance.
    Hope they OC like demons too on finfet. Look forward to the AIO boards.

  • Si C

    I’m guessing the new 1080 will roundly beat the 980Ti, hence making this rather large chip obsolete…

  • Si C

    Let’s hope so, AMD badly need the win

  • Mr. Michen

    aint no body got time to wait 8 months

  • Gizfreak

    just wait if you can. I have a 970, I can wait until I get into VR or 4k and until then 1080p is for me. No stress

  • Troff Meister

    thats an assumption , the new cards 1070/80 might not beat the 980 ti or titan x ,?? now that would be a shock , wait and see , i am )

  • trajan2448

    Nvidia has already stopped making 980 series chips, so probably soon.

  • Natural Gamer

    It’s rumored that both AMD and Nvidia will be offering only mainstream GPUs (low to mid range) this year. High end GPUs will be released in 2017 using HBM2. Nvidia will still be using Pascal for it’s high end GPUs including its flagship which might be named “GTX 1080 Ti”.

    Keep in mind that these are mere rumors though.

  • Troff Meister

    if these new pascals suck in terms of price and performance i will be getting a 980 ti over the coming weeks , and wait for later years for gpus whether nvidia or amd , that are what pascal was / is supposed to be in terms of the great speed leap ?

  • David K

    The fact that the 1080 won’t beat it is also an assumption. There is still a best bet and the most fitting assumption of that they wouldn’t discontinue the 980ti if the 1080 is not putting out the same performance at least…

  • Troff Meister

    i think its gonna roll this way , i don’t think the 1070/80 will be faster than titan x or even a 980 ti , and even if they are ,i think the margin may be a very small increase , so no point upgrading if u have 980 ti or above

    – what may happen in 2017 might be pascal with hbm2 , the pascal titan , or the consumer p100 tesla , whatever you want to call it , then maybe , maybe we will get big performance increase and people will jump to upgrade , plus whatever AMD can bring to the battle to choose from ???

    whatever happens once the 1070 / 80 are reviewed based on price and performance i am buying a complete new pc ,with either a pascal in it , or the 980 ti at reduced cost , game for a few years and then see how the gpu market has changed ?

    i don’t think that the new current pascals are going to be the 2nd coming of christ , that many have expected , and still hope for right now , i may be completely wrong , but i have a funny feeling thats maybe what we are going to see ?

  • David K

    After the titan x failure that it was roughly the same and weaker than a 980ti. I have a feeling that they will correct that this time. Going back to the old titan days. And if that will be true I will get one to run stuff at 1440p 144hz or at least over 90hz even 2.5 years from now when the new one might come out. Heck. I can’t run 1080p 144hz some games on my 980ti… if the 1080ti will beat the upcoming titan 7 9 months down the line, will get that instead

  • David K

    I seriously doubt that they would discontinue the last lineup if the new one is not at least the same “strength”… and the titan x wasn’t exactly beating all 980tis
    … so I can see the 1080 being on part with the 980ti.

  • Troff Meister

    the titan x is faster than the 980 ti by a relatively small margin , but it is faster , plenty of youtube game tests and reviews prove and show this – also worthy of note is that the titan x is the grand old age of 1 year old !!

    if you have followed the pascal info leak / promised leaked features and general bs re the pascals over the last one year approx , this is worthy of note – the p100 super computer tesla pascal is not a consumer graphics card , and hbm2 memory is not ready for us customers , so its ASSUMED that a p100 deriviative product will become the pascal titan with hbm2 memory in 2017 , this is all hear say mind , i have delayed a new pc since november due to which cpu card to put in it ?, 980 ti or wait for pascal , so i have waited for pascal ,but i may still get a reduced price 980 ti after pascal launch depending on pascal price and performance , or lack of ?

    if a pascal 1070 or 80 , cannot beat a titan x or 980 ti at launch , and taking into account the new 3d cards will be premium priced tech to us consumers , there will be very little reason to buy one , let alone to upgrade to one imo !

    there are also rumours that the 5x memory the 1080 is to use ? is also in short supply /not ready ? i don’t know how true that is ?

    what i can say is that over the last year the expectation of what a pascal will be in terms of speed and price , has gone down and down in every succesive web article , the guessed price of the new cards has gone up and up , and the speed and spec has gone down and down – e.g no hbm2 memory etc – obviously everything is rumours and leaks until the cards are out to the public and reviewed in game , then we will know the truth , but i personally am expecting to be disapointed on price and speed , but i hope i am wrong !

  • Troff Meister

    the titan x is faster than the 980 ti by a relatively small margin , but
    it is faster , plenty of youtube game tests and reviews prove and show

  • David K

    I said titan x not beating All 980tis… a few $800 to 1k ones beat it out of the box by a bit. The rest don’t. But a few percent slower is not good enough reason to buy a titan. The rest I agree with. We’ll see

  • David K

    Only if you don’t buy that few $800 to $1000 980tis :p the rest, I did see those vids, and they are a bit slower.

  • Troff Meister

    overclocked 980 ti’s?

    the 980 ti i put off buying in november is still £550 uk gbp , prior to pascal launch , hopefully cheaper after ?
    we will see

    tbh i have never read or seen a review or article where a 980 ti has beaten a titan x , be interesting to read )

  • Troff Meister

    i agree , personally i can’t wait to get those answers , so i can put the3d card issue to bed , and make my purchase choice , and get my complete new pc , which is replacing my old 9 year old pc rig here )

  • Tom Stone

    The Titan X is not a failure, yes it proves the same for gaming as the 980Ti but it was built for another thing in mind, the create games hence the bigger bandwidth, if they wanted to only promote it for gaming the 980Ti wouldn’t exist to wouldn’t be as powerful at least

  • Tom Stone

    Why would they build a Ti that is faster the a Titan? makes no sense in a marketing aspect

  • Piiilabyte III

    Very educated rumors.

  • Marydmedved2

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  • Erik Alvar

    The GDDR5x accouncement is a massive disappointment. Early adopters of Pascal will lament the later HBM2 versions.

    Holding on my GTX 970 to see how AMD’s Polaris HBM2 14nm parts compare. nVidia dropped the ball here and really opened the door for AMD to re-take the lead.