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Palit launches world’s first GTX 1050Ti with passive cooling

Palit has a history of releasing passively cooled graphics cards from time to time but each generation the ante is upped just a bit more as GPUs get more powerful. We have previously reviewed Palit's KalmX passive GTX 750Ti but this week, the company is introducing an all new KalmX GTX 1050Ti, a 0dB solution for budget gaming.

The goal here is to produce a completely silent GPU, which is achieved by replacing the usual set of cooling fans with a large heatsink and some additional heatpipes. The GTX 1050Ti KalmX is built to the exact specifications of other GTX 1050Tis, so you won't be giving up any performance to achieve quiet operation.

So how does Palit keep this GPU cool? Well the heatsink here uses two nickel plated heatpipes and a lot of nickel plated fins to carry the heat away from the GPU core. A copper base is also in place to carry heat away in a swift fashion.

Aside from all of that, the Palit KalmX GTX 1050Ti does not require additional power, making it a good choice for a small form factor build for general media or 1080p gaming. Expect this card to be available soon, though we are awaiting confirmation on exact pricing and release dates.

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KitGuru Says: I've never really needed a ‘0dB solution' for graphics myself as I usually have plenty of background noise masking the sound of my PC. However, I know there are people out there that really value silence and passively cooled parts like this for certain builds. Have any of you used a passively cooled GPU before? 

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