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Square Enix already has Final Fantasy XV running on PC, but only as a ‘technical experiment’

Recently, we heard Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata talk a bit more about a PC version of the game, mostly for the purposes of really pushing the engine as far as it can go graphically. Now, just over a week later, it seems that an experimental PC version of Final Fantasy XV actually does exist and is running on a dual GTX 1080 machine over at Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV's graphics are very nice but they are limited by console hardware. This has led Square Enix's Business Division 2 to conduct a series of ‘technical experiments' on visual fidelity using Final Fantasy XV on PC. Dual Shockers was able to confirm that this version of the game is up and running, albeit on an ultra high end system with two GTX 1080 graphics cards running in SLI.

According to the report, things like draw distance, overall detail and vegetation density had been cranked all the way up, creating an “extremely vivid and lifelike” game. Unfortunately, we still don't have any confirmation on plans to release an optimised PC version of Final Fantasy XV and while this in-engine experiment has been described as amazing, some cut backs would likely need to be made in some areas to get the game running acceptably on a wider range of systems.

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KitGuru Says: It is great to hear that a version of Final Fantasy XV is running on a PC out there somewhere, even if it is just intended to be a graphical showpiece. Hopefully these ‘technical experiments' will lead to a full version of the game later down the road, even if graphics need to be dialled back a bit for today's hardware. 

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