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Raptr is closing down for good one year after being dropped by AMD

This week, the PC gaming service ‘Raptr' announced that it would be shutting down at the end of this month, just one year after AMD officially dropped support for the app. Raptr has been around for close to ten years and for a while, it also came bundled with Radeon GPU driver updates as AMD's alternative to Nvidia's GeForce Experience.

For years, Raptr was used as a third-party game optimisation tool, which would tweak individual game settings based on which GPU you had in your system. Now as Raptr founder and CEO, Dennis Fong, explains, independent platforms for optimisation tools are “no longer necessary”.

Raptr didn't just help with game optimisations though, it would also track game achievements across platforms. You could link up your Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network accounts to track games, achievements and more. There was also a points system involved, which you could use to enter giveaways etc.

Raptr is still alive for the next couple of weeks but from the 30th of September 2017 onwards, the service will no longer be active.

KitGuru Says: It seems being unbundled from AMD's GPU drivers may have been a big hit to Raptr's user base. Still, with ten years under its belt, the service had a good run. At one point, the app even had over 1 million registered users. Did any of you use Raptr or continue to use it now? How do you feel about it shutting down? 

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