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Thousands of people are watching an RTX 30 stock-checking bot on Twitch

We're all well aware of the stock issues surrounding Nvidia's highly-rated RTX 30 series graphics cards. A lot of eager upgraders have been checking daily for new stock in an effort to grab one, but that manual searching may not be necessary anymore, as thousands of people are watching a stock-check bot now on Twitch.

This is of course similar to the bots that scalpers have used to nab stock before anyone else. This time around though, the results are publicly viewable, giving regular buyers a bit more of a fighting chance in their search to get hold of a new graphics card.

A developer known as Falcodrin is behind the stream, which regularly checks for RTX 30-series GPU stock across a range of online retailers. Viewers of the stream are then alerted when new stock drops.

Unfortunately for those of us in Europe, the stream appears to be focused on the North American market, but perhaps the scope of the search will expand at some point.

KitGuru Says: You're much better off waiting and staying alert for new stock rather than paying a huge mark-up to a scalper on eBay. Hopefully eventually though, online retailers can implement better checks to ensure mass purchases can't be made by scalpers in the first place. 

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