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SAPPHIRE launches Vid-2X

SAPPHIRE Technology, a leading manufacturer and supplier of PC components and multimedia products worldwide has just announced the latest addition to its expanding product line.  SAPPHIRE Vid-2X is a device that allows two monitors to be connected to a single output on almost any computer system delivering increased display area and enhanced productivity.

SAPPHIRE's Vid-2X is a compact stand-alone unit that allows two Full HD DVI monitors to be connected to a single Thunderbolt, DisplayPort or DualLink-DVI output of a laptop or desktop.  The device is ideal for computing devices that cannot easily be expanded such as laptops and netbooks as well as for users that are restricted from opening their PCs by warranty or corporate rules – or simply don’t feel comfortable doing it.   Two models are offered – one with DisplayPort (Thunderbolt compatible) input and one with DualLink DVI input.

A completely external solution, requiring no software or drivers to be loaded, the SAPPHIRE Vid-2X won’t break any warranties or cause infuriating set up issues. Just plug in two HD monitors and a USB cable for power and enjoy the instant productivity gains that multi-monitor set ups offer.  For classrooms or boardrooms, the Vid 2X can even mirror the same image on the two different monitors; ideal for learning environments and engaging presentations. Enabling multiple monitors has never been so easy !

Unique to SAPPHIRE’s design are configuration switches for display modes and bezel compensation and an on board display that provides instant information on configuration and status of connections.  This makes setup and configuration really simple.   SAPPHIRE’s Vid-2X is the only truly plug-and-play monitor expansion device on the market.

With an MSRP of US$ 179 Vid-2X is an affordable upgrade and an indispensable tool for many applications making the users task faster, better and more enjoyable.  Working on a full 3840×1080 desktop suddenly users spend less time flipping through open files, programs and emails, digging for what they want.   Plus, thanks to being totally independent of hardware and operating system it works with WindowsTM, LinuxTM, OS-XTM and most other Operating Systems.

Advanced features include display spanning, display stretching, display cloning, and bezel management.  For more details please visit www.sapphiretech.com

Source: Press Release

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