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Overclockers UK slash prices on Nvidia 600 and 700 series

The past days we have reported on price drops from retailers such as Scan, Aria and Ebuyer. Happy to jump into the fray, Overclockers are hot on their heels with some price drops of their own. KitGuru pulls out the company credit card, ready to pick up some deals.

The cards on offer are the MSI Geforce GTX 670 OC Twin Frozr, MSI GTX 680 Power Edition and KFA2 GTX 760.

At £209.99 inc vat. the MSI GTX 670 Twin Frozr offers excellent value for money.

If you need more horsepower, and who doesn’t, the MSI GTX 680 Power Edition is up for grabs at £279.95 inc vat.

If one is not enough, there is always the option of buying 2.

Not content with just these deals, the KFA2 GTX 760 is going for £199.99 inc vat. which will make an SLI set-up featuring two 760’s a very enticing thought.

Besides a GPU with great performance, the KFA2 GTX 760 comes with a free keyring.

KitGuru says: These price drops from various retailers are fantastic news for gamers. Those waiting to get paid at the month need not worry though. Overclockers assured us there are more deals on the way and we will keep you updated as they come in.

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