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Nvidia GPU market share declining

Jon Peddie Research have just issued their latest market share reports, and it highlights that Nvidia seem to be struggling, especially as competitors are able to combine both CPU and GPU technologies.

Peddie Research are claiming that Nvidia's market share dropped 1.7 percent in Q1, which is continuing their slow decline dropping from a one time figure of 28.4 percent to 20 percent today. This loss is unfortunately not down to overall market problems, as Intel and AMD are growing at 9.7 percent and 15.4 percent respectively. AMD now command 24.8 percent of the market and Intel 54.4 percent.

The report says that ‘AMD had tremendous growth, Intel had above average growth and Nvidia slipped significantly'. Damning words indeed.

AMD have had good success so far with the Fusion product line although the figures wouldn't be affected by the release, as it only happened a few months ago. AMD have the advantage of being able to offer CPU's and GPU's, and many OEM's find it a painless and appealing way to purchase in bulk.

Nvidia however have some good prospects lined up, with the ARM based CPU on route, aimed at server, laptop and desktop use (Project Denver). With Windows 8 around the corner promising native ARM support, it looks like Nvidia might have a good foothold in the market in the years to come, although for now, this is all educated guesswork.

Intel have a huge percentage of the market, and while many of their solutions aren't appealing to the enthusiast gaming audience, their adoption rate is very high as OEM's opt for the ‘all in one' solution, with embedded graphics onboard.

AMD are also having great success with Eyefinity, which is causing problems for Matrox as their market share drops to 0.05 percent. Whatever way we look at it, Nvidia need to enhance their market share, but with new products around the corner it might be a better end of year for Jen Sun and the gang.

KitGuru says: Intel and AMD show good growth, Nvidia need new product releases to even the ground.

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