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AMD bundle AAA games with graphics cards

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are hoping that a new campaign will help drive sales of their graphics cards in Q4. They are bundling a series of high quality AAA games with their video cards.

The ‘Never Settle' bundle campaign targets a wish list of AAA games such as Dirt ShowDown, Media of Honor Warfighter, FarCry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored and the upcoming Tomb Raider.

If you buy a HD7700 or HD7800 then AMD will give you Farcry 3 and 20% off Medal Of Honor Warfighter. If you buy two of them, then you get Hitman Absolution free as well.

The ‘Ultimate Never Settle' bundle is based around the flagship HD7900 series of cards – You get Farcry 3, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs free, and 20% off Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The value of the games in the bundle varies between $60 and $170 depending on what you buy.

This move comes at a good time for AMD, who reported a quarterly loss and said it would make 1,700 people redundant – almost 15 percent of their global workforce.

Robert Hallock, AMD product marketing manager said in a press briefing “This is the single most important game bundle of the year for Radeon graphics. This is the biggest graphics card bundle we have ever offered, and this is probably the biggest graphics card bundle that has ever been offered in the graphics industry.”

AMD are also releasing a new 12.11 driver which gives a 15 percent performance boost in a handful of games, such as Battlefield 3, Sleeping Dogs and Dirt Showdown. This driver will be released shortly after Windows 8.

Kitguru says: Free games – people always like that.

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