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Windows 8 ‘non event’ for most companies

Many companies are unlikely to adopt Windows 8, according to experts in the field. Reuters report this morning that many companies used to test a new operating system for adoption, but that Windows 8 released on Friday is likely to be a ‘non event' for most businesses.

Doug Johnson, head of risk management policy at the American Bankers Association said “Windows 8 is, frankly, more of a consumer platform than it is a business platform, so it's not something that makes any sense from a business perspective at this juncture. There is really no additional business functionality that Windows 8 gives you that I see.”

Many enthusiast users are already unhappy with the upcoming release of Windows 8, specifically the interface changes which make little sense to most people.

Interface tweaking companies such as Stardock have already released software to tweak and tune Windows 8. which you can buy over here. The operating system isn't even officially available yet and companies are selling software to change the interface.

It would seem the main target for Microsoft is the tablet market – as they try hard to encroach on Apple's iPad sales over the next year.

Reuters add “The company (Microsoft) gets 40 percent of its overall revenue from multi-year licensing deals with enterprises — companies, government departments and universities — which typically give customers rights to the newest version of its software.

Essentially, Microsoft gets paid regardless of what version of Windows many big customers actually use.”

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