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The first HD 7950 goes up for pre-order

The first retail listing for the soon to be launched HD 7950 has popped up, that being from online distributer PROVANTAGE who are advertising a model from GIGABYTE (GV-R795WF3-3GD) for pre-order at quite the inflated price indeed – ‘Only’ $481.58. The specs provided are minimal in the advertisement – HD 7950 3072MB DDR5 384BIT PCI Express DVI. And oddly the associating image used is that of a HD 4850.

It is rumored that the post launch pricing on the model will hover around the $400 mark. Let’s hope so!

Kitguru says: I guess this is how the dice rolls when you want to ensure you’ll be the first kid on the block with one.

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  • Yavor

    A $300 price mark would have been better. So meh. It’s more expensive than a 580 delivering almost the same performance…