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nVidia counter attack vision – Duke Nukem Forever for Free

While the world plus dog spent yesterday going nuts about the idea of integrated graphics that can deliver playable framerates at 1080p, nVidia was piloting a slightly different course. One that involves 3D goggle action. KitGuru dons the specs and looks into the deal being offered.

Seems like only yesterday when we were all laughing that Duke Nukem Forever was going to take forever to deliver. Work began in 1997. Then, one day, it arrived and the longest running ‘will it won’t it’ delivery saga was at an end. You can read more about the game over here on Games Radar.

So what’s the deal that nVidia’s developer relations team managed to put together?


You guy a set of 3D glasses to augment your GTX-powered PC and Jen Hsun’s minions will sort you out with a Promotional Code that will allow you to download the Duke from Steam.

Reviews to one side, this game had a retail value of 1 penny under £27 at the time of going to press, so there’s a definite value being added here.

This deal seems to be available from Dabs, Scan and Overclockers. KitGuru suggests you check pricing and shipping charges carefully for the best deal.

Nukem Forever For Free from the nice folks at nVidia. Now that's what we call vision.

KitGuru says: If you want to experience the immersive-ness of 3D with nVidia, then glasses are a must. Given that you’re going to buy them anyway – you might as well pick up the £27 bonus game.

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