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AFOX HD7850 Single Slot Crossfire Review

Today we have not one, but two AFOX HD7850 Single slot cards. The ‘AFOX’ artwork looks surprisingly like the Mozilla Firefox logo. Or is it just me?

The accessories are included in a thin separate box which rests on top of the card. The bundle includes a driver installation guide and disc and a power converter cable. We always recommend you grab the latest drivers from the official AMD site however as these could be several revisions out of date.

The AFOX HD7850 Single slot card is built around a plain black PCB. The AFOX logo is seen on a sticker, visible in the center of the small, offset fan. The company logo is also highlighted right above the PCIe slot connector. The AMD logo is printed top right at the front of the cooler.

The card is Crossfire capable in a 2 way configuration. If you want three or quad Crossfire options then you need to buy a 79xx product. The AFOX HD7850 demands power from a single 6 pin PCI connector.

The card has a full sized Displayport, a mini Displayport, full sized HDMI and DVI connector. It is Eyefinity capable. This is an impressive array of output connectors for a single slot card.

The single slot cooler is easy to remove and comprises two copper heatpipes which run across the length of the cooler to the copper base. The small fan is offset to the left.

Above, we can see just how thin these cards are, positioned next to a reference dual slot AMD graphics card.

An overview of the AFOX HD7850 graphics card, running in single and Crossfire configurations. The Pitcairn GPU is built on the 28nm manufacturing process and utilises 32 ROPS and 1024 unified shaders. The 2GB of GDDR5 memory is connected via a 256 bit memory interface. These cards are clocked at 860mhz on the core and 1,200mhz memory (4.8Gbps effective).

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